Could a two-minute workout really improve your fitness?

It can feel challenging to fit exercise into our schedule, particularly when our routines are disrupted. Could a 2-minute workout really make a difference? Find out why emerging evidence suggests that ‘every little helps’.

James Hewitt

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Mental Health Apps in the Workplace: Do They Even Work?

With the mental health app market booming, many companies are turning to these resources for workplace wellbeing. But how effective are these tools really?
James Hewitt

The Profitability Of Positivity: Employee Wellbeing May Be The Secret To Enhanced Company Performance

Discover the intriguing correlation between employee wellbeing and business profitability. We delve into a groundbreaking Oxford University study, scrutinising the methodology and potential implications
James Hewitt

Improve Workplace Wellbeing Through The Optimal Use of Signature Strengths in the Character Strengths Framework

Discover the role of signature strengths in workplace wellbeing and performance according to the Character Strengths Framework. Understand the concept of overuse, underuse, and
James Hewitt

Workplace Wellbeing: Learning from Cross-Country Skiers for Sustainable Work Pace

Explore a unique solution for sustainable work pace in the modern workplace inspired by the training routines of cross-country skiers. Discover the concept of
James Hewitt

Revolutionizing Employee Health: The Pros and Cons of Wearables and Digital Tools in Workplace Wellbeing

Discover the potential of wearables and digital tools in enhancing workplace wellbeing, and learn how to address privacy concerns, data sharing, and employee comfort.

Transforming Stress Mindset: Enhance Performance and Wellbeing at Work

Discover how Formula 1 driver Mika Häkkinen’s incredible mindset helped him navigate the challenges of a high-pressure race in torrential rain. Explore the power

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