Could a two-minute workout really improve your fitness?

It can feel challenging to fit exercise into our schedule, particularly when our routines are disrupted. Could a 2-minute workout really make a difference? Find out why emerging evidence suggests that ‘every little helps’.

James Hewitt

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Discover how to enter ‘flow states’ consistently

The concept of ‘flow’ has been around for over 30 years. However, it remains one of the most helpful frameworks to consider how we
James Hewitt

Can you adapt to shorter sleep?

Scientists are still not sure about the exact function of sleep, but sensitive measurement tools have provided deep insights into what happens to the
James Hewitt

Is there an easier way to build new habits?

Setting goals is easy but achieving them is hard. Why is this the case? Well, it’s all about reward.
James Hewitt

Is the Apple watch revolutionary, or well marketed?

Recently, Apple released the sixth generation of the Apple watch. One of the most talked-about new features was the device’s “revolutionary” blood oxygen feature
James Hewitt

why consistency is king & motivation is over-rated

Find out why consistency is one of the greatest performance enhancers, in both sport and business, and discover five ways that you can improve
James Hewitt

Relearn how to listen to your body

Find out why, despite the proliferation of devices which enable us to gather objective data about ourselves, in both sporting and workplace contexts, we
James Hewitt

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