Sleep and Recovery

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Seven mistakes to avoid when using wearables in workplace wellbeing

Ensure that your employees can use their wearables to improve wellbeing and performance in the workplace, instead of cluttering up their desk drawers.
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Can you adapt to shorter sleep?

Scientists are still not sure about the exact function of sleep, but sensitive measurement tools have provided deep insights into what happens to the
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Is the Apple watch revolutionary, or well marketed?

Recently, Apple released the sixth generation of the Apple watch. One of the most talked-about new features was the device’s “revolutionary” blood oxygen feature
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Improving sleep for health & performance

Most of us would like to wake-up without an alarm, feeling full of energy and then be able to fall asleep without too much
James Hewitt

How to measure recovery?

Recovery is a key to sustainable high-performance in the workplace, but how can we measure and improve it?
James Hewitt

Can sleep tracking be bad for your performance?

The market for wearable sleep trackers continues to grow, but did you know that tracking your sleep might actually be doing more harm, than
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Can a drink in the evening ruin your sleep?

Many people enjoy an alcoholic drink in the evening, and it’s a common belief that a ‘nightcap’ can improve sleep. But is this true?
James Hewitt