Increase energy

Coffee for a longer life: How drinking coffee could improve your health and increase lifespan

A recent study of 450,000 people shows drinking coffee is linked to improved health in terms of lower risk of arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease and

How much exercise required to maintain fitness?

Everyone has experienced times when they have limited time for exercise, but not many people are clear about how much training they need to
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Too much High Intensity Interval Training?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) continues to grow in popularity as a fun, time-efficient way to improve fitness. It’s tempting to think that more intense
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Relearn how to listen to your body

Find out why, despite the proliferation of devices which enable us to gather objective data about ourselves, in both sporting and workplace contexts, we
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Can’t boost immune system, but can suppress it

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed a significant rise in the number of supplements and techniques claiming to ‘super-charge’ the immune system. Unfortunately, most of
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How to grow old like an athlete

Most people would like to live a long and healthy life. The notion of ‘health span’ encapsulates this aim, describing the proportion of our
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The energy scale: when are you at your best?

On average, human performance can vary by around 20% during the average day, but when are we at our best?
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Find out if your passion is healthy or harmful

We all have inclinations toward certain activities that we like and find meaningful. If this inclination feels intense enough, we may describe our attraction
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How to use coffee more efficiently and effectively?

Over 80% of adults consume caffeine, but do you know why caffeine works, or how to use it efficiently? If you aim to use
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Sitting too long – resistant to exercise?

We all know that it’s essential to exercise regularly, but many of us also struggle with our sedentary lifestyles. Unfortunately, the evidence is mounting
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