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In 2018, James won the Nordic Business Forum speaker contest, going on to speak for an audience of 7,500 people at the Nordic Business Forum’s annual business conference. James delivered his keynote as part of a formidable speaker line-up including former President Barack Obama.

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Creating and adapting content to fit your event theme, be it a conference, workshop, webinar or company retreat, can make a big difference to audience engagement. Below, you can find examples of James’ latest presentations and popular topics. You can also download James’ speaker packet for more information, but please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to discuss how we can tune the message and delivery to meet your needs.

Example presentation topics

Train your brain, body and behaviour

Automation, augmentation & an ageing population mean that human cognitive capabilities are an increasingly important differentiator in the workplace. Find out how to:

  • Combat distraction and accelerate learning.
  • Boost creativity and fuel innovation.
  • Apply neuroscience and physiology to better manage your stress.
  • Use exercise and time in nature to restore your attention and enhance focus.
  • Improve sleep and use nutrition to support brain health and cognitive performance.

Make sleep and recovery your ‘super-power’

Inadequate sleep can impair our performance to a level equivalent to being legally drunk, but many people still think they can cheat on sleep. Discover:

  • The links between sleep, health and performance.
  • The most effective day-time breaks.
  • Optimum napping tactics.
  • How caffeine influences performance and sleep and how to use caffeine more efficiently and effectively.
  • How to manage and reduce jetlag.

Discover the key to sustainable high performance

While high-energy working practices can drive productivity and impact, many of us feel like we never switch off, and rates of workplace burnout continue to grow. Find out:

  • The top drivers of ‘always-on’ culture.
  • The dark side of passion and why it can lead to a feeling of work controlling us.
  • The principles that enable top athletes to perform at their best in the most challenging circumstances.
  • How to get better at ‘switching off our brains’, when we want to.
  • Why searching for balance may not be the answer.

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