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James’ thought-provoking and practical, science-based messages, brought to life with engaging demonstrations of cutting-edge neuro technologies, have impacted and delighted audiences in over 30 countries, spanning sectors including aerospace, technology, finance, consulting, and pharmaceuticals, in leading business schools such as IMD, St. Gallen, and at three World Economic Forum Annual Meetings in Davos.

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Example keynote topics

Combat The Attention Paradox

In the Attention Economy, our ability to focus on what matters most has become a scarce commodity, but it is essential for both individual wellbeing and organizational success.

If data is the new oil, we’re paying for it with our attention, and we’re accruing debt in the form of stress and lost productivity. While working hours are up 13%, and 45% of people feel like they are working faster than ever, 64% of people feel they don’t have enough time to get their work done. However, powerful insights from neuroscience, psychology, and physiology reveal how to reprogram our mental operating system to improve both wellbeing and performance.

Key audience takeaways:

  • The paradox of progress: Delve into how technological advancements designed to improve efficiency and connectivity are paradoxically undermining our ability to focus and perform at our best.
  • Discover the true cost of the Attention Economy: Explore the effect on our brains, personal productivity, and the measurable impact of lost time and money on business performance.
  • Focus as a superpower in the future of work: Learn how innovative top performers approach knowledge work as a ‘cognitive endurance activity’ and walk away with a toolkit and new framework to reduce stress and improve business performance.

The Future Of Performance: Prepare For Knowledge Work 2.0

The future of performance lies not in choosing between human capabilities and artificial intelligence but in harmonizing them to unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, creativity, and wellbeing.

80% of today’s jobs are likely to be affected by Generative AI. It’s no wonder that 49% of people worry that AI will replace their jobs. But what if, rather than fearing these developments, we can usher in a new era characterized by an AI-employee alliance that paves the way for enhanced human capabilities, improved workforce sustainability, wellbeing, and value creation? As the use of AI soars, discover how to leverage this technology to usher in a more sustainable, high-performing, and human way of work.

Key audience takeaways:

  • The Automated And Augmented Landscape of Work: Learn how technological advancements, while creating concerns about job displacement, also offer an avenue to augment human capabilities and enhance productivity.
  • Making Work More Human Through AI Integration: Discover new research indicating that leveraging AI can free up human workers for more complex, creative, and strategic roles, improving job satisfaction, work-life balance, and business performance.
  • Strategy for a Synergistic Future: Find out how employers can play a pivotal role in this transition and facilitate sustainable workforce performance by enabling their employees to deliver value through the uncertainty that characterizes the modern workplace without compromising wellbeing.

Rethink Resilience

Growing uncertainty and rapid change mean that organisations must pivot from simply surviving to thriving amidst challenges, necessitating a move from reactive resilience to proactive antifragility.

While 80% of executives report that wellbeing is a top priority, 90% of workers feel work life is getting worse. We clearly need a new approach. Traditional resilience models focus on avoiding burnout or simply enabling employees to ‘bounce back’. However, new research reveals how to flip the script and build antifragile teams where employees can thrive through challenges and reach their full potential, improving health, wellbeing, and business performance.

Key audience takeaways:

  • The gap between rhetoric and reality: Identify what may be driving the difference between employer’s priorities for wellbeing and employee’s experiences.
  • From resilience to antifragility: Discover how the principles of ‘super-compensation’ and antifragility can enable us to move beyond simply avoiding burnout to proactively building employee health and wellbeing.
  • Transforming Challenges into Opportunities: Learn the six areas where employers can have the most significant positive impact and how these can generate tangible outcomes in terms of unlocking innovation and improved business performance.

Navigate The Leadership Paradox

Effective 21st-century leadership hinges on addressing the paradox that increasing demands can impair the capabilities leaders need most to meet these demands.

Research has identified a group of capabilities that explain 89% of the variance between strong and weak organizations in terms of leadership effectiveness. However, the stress and demands of leadership positions can compromise these capabilities. For instance, 66% of leaders do not have enough time to recover, diminishing brain function, impairing problem-solving, and reducing emotional regulation. As organizations increasingly look to their leaders to guide them through times of growing challenge and uncertainty, discover how to use science-based strategies to lead with vision, inspiration, empathy, and resilience.

Key audience takeaways:

  • Navigate the Leadership Paradox: Learn how to steer through today’s complex and evolving business world while overcoming the paradoxes that can limit effective leadership.
  • Unlock Hidden Leadership Potential: Learn the critical leadership capabilities essential for success and discover how confronting the leadership performance paradox can propel leaders and their teams to new heights.
  • Blueprint for Resilient Leadership: Walk away with a strategic, science-based toolkit for sustaining high leadership performance in the face of demanding roles without sacrificing health and wellbeing in the process.

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