Manage stress

Mastering the Moment: Boost Your Well-Being and Performance in a Fast-Paced World with the Power of Presence

Do you sometimes struggle to be present? Discover how to harness the power of mindfulness in a fast-paced world with non-meditative techniques.

Benefits of Ice Baths: Exploring the Hype Around Cold Exposure

Ice baths are becoming more popular, but are the benefits science-based? Claims include a dopamine boost, increased brown fat activation, improved recovery, cognitive performance

Seven mistakes to avoid when using wearables in workplace wellbeing

Ensure that your employees can use their wearables to improve wellbeing and performance in the workplace, instead of cluttering up their desk drawers.
James Hewitt

Questions to ask before quitting your job

41% of people are considering quitting their jobs, according to a study by Microsoft. If you’re in this group, what questions should you be
James Hewitt

how you can use your eyes to de-stress on demand

Many people are looking for fast, effective ways to manage their stress. Find out how you can apply a simple technique to de-stress whenever
James Hewitt

Building antifragile teams

Discover why intentionally generating uncertainty, by taking small risks regularly, is crucial for developing antifragile teams.
James Hewitt

Become an antifragile performer

Humans have an incredible capacity to adapt in the face of challenge, and we have an innate ability to manage and even thrive in
James Hewitt

Transforming challenge and disruption into growth

We live in an increasingly complex, some would say a chaotic world. Rates of stress and burnout are increasing, perhaps driven by growing uncertainty
James Hewitt

Why entrepreneurs & high performers risk burnout?

Why are entrepreneurs, founders and, in fact, high-performers in general, at greater risk of burnout? Perhaps more importantly, what can we do about it?
James Hewitt

Why work stress is deadly (and what to do about it)

Discover the surprising links between work stress, our sense of control, our ability to adapt to challenges, what this means for our health and
James Hewitt