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Unlocking Behaviour Change with Keystone Habits

Explore the transformative power of keystone habits in sparking a domino effect on behaviour change. Learn how to leverage these habits for workplace wellbeing,
James Hewitt

Navigating the Hybrid Work Revolution: Implications for Workplace Wellbeing and Productivity

Explore the impact of hybrid work models on productivity and employee wellbeing. Learn how to balance flexibility, productivity, and the mental health of employees
James Hewitt

The Profitability Of Positivity: Employee Wellbeing May Be The Secret To Enhanced Company Performance

Discover the intriguing correlation between employee wellbeing and business profitability. We delve into a groundbreaking Oxford University study, scrutinising the methodology and potential implications
James Hewitt

Improve Workplace Wellbeing Through The Optimal Use of Signature Strengths in the Character Strengths Framework

Discover the role of signature strengths in workplace wellbeing and performance according to the Character Strengths Framework. Understand the concept of overuse, underuse, and
James Hewitt

Workplace Wellbeing: Learning from Cross-Country Skiers for Sustainable Work Pace

Explore a unique solution for sustainable work pace in the modern workplace inspired by the training routines of cross-country skiers. Discover the concept of
James Hewitt

Mastering the Moment: Boost Your Well-Being and Performance in a Fast-Paced World with the Power of Presence

Do you sometimes struggle to be present? Discover how to harness the power of mindfulness in a fast-paced world with non-meditative techniques.

Thriving in the Age of Automation: How Self-Determination Theory Can Help Navigate the Challenges of a Rapidly Evolving Workforce

For many knowledge workers in established economies, basic needs have been met, but it’s still common to experience a sense of being unfulfilled. One

Effortless Future? Unveiling the Hidden Impact of AI and Automation on Wellbeing and Performance

Explore the unforeseen consequences of AI-driven automation on wellbeing and performance, revealing the value of effort and the potential risks of a less effortful,

The Pros and Cons of a Four-Day Workweek

Are you curious about the four-day workweek and whether it’s as great as it seems? Recently, a well-publicised pilot study of the four-day workweek

Seven mistakes to avoid when using wearables in workplace wellbeing

Ensure that your employees can use their wearables to improve wellbeing and performance in the workplace, instead of cluttering up their desk drawers.
James Hewitt