Could a two-minute workout really improve your fitness?

It can feel challenging to fit exercise into our schedule, particularly when our routines are disrupted. Could a 2-minute workout really make a difference? Find out why emerging evidence suggests that ‘every little helps’.

James Hewitt

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Seven mistakes to avoid when using wearables in workplace wellbeing

Ensure that your employees can use their wearables to improve wellbeing and performance in the workplace, instead of cluttering up their desk drawers.
James Hewitt

Questions to ask before quitting your job

41% of people are considering quitting their jobs, according to a study by Microsoft. If you’re in this group, what questions should you be
James Hewitt

How much exercise required to maintain fitness?

Everyone has experienced times when they have limited time for exercise, but not many people are clear about how much training they need to
James Hewitt

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