Could a two-minute workout really improve your fitness?

It can feel challenging to fit exercise into our schedule, particularly when our routines are disrupted. Could a 2-minute workout really make a difference? Find out why emerging evidence suggests that ‘every little helps’.

James Hewitt

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Find out if your passion is healthy or harmful

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The surprising science of the perfect nap

From pilots to military personal, busy businesspeople to tired parents, tactical naps are a proven, powerful way to boost cognitive performance; an important consideration
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Sitting too long – resistant to exercise?

We all know that it’s essential to exercise regularly, but many of us also struggle with our sedentary lifestyles. Unfortunately, the evidence is mounting
James Hewitt

Can sleep tracking be bad for your performance?

The market for wearable sleep trackers continues to grow, but did you know that tracking your sleep might actually be doing more harm, than
James Hewitt

How does what you eat influence brain health?

It can feel like nutrition is a new religion, and the internet is full of claims about how what we eat (or don’t eat)
James Hewitt

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