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Achieving Sustainable High Performance: Tips and Strategies

What is the key to sustainable high performance? I opened up my keynote at the Nordic Business Forum with this question.

Standing on the stage, accompanied by a giant robot arm, in front of 7000+ people, remains one of the highlights of my speaking career so far. And the fact that the demo of the EEG headset worked remains one of my greatest experiences of relief! (I was monitoring my stress and focus based on brain wave frequencies and displayed this visualisation to the audience).

The ideas I shared in my presentation are still as relevant today as they were when I first shared them. Knowledge work is a cognitive endurance activity. Consequently, we need to:

-Be clear about when and where to focus our cognitive effort.
-Be disciplined about when and how we rest.
-Find and follow our rhythm by paying attention to when we’re at our best.

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