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5 steps to train your brain

It can feel like the world is getting more complicated, requiring us to do more in even less time. Many of us are looking for ways to work smarter, optimise brain function, improve focus and resist distraction, but it’s not easy.

A wide array of providers have stepped into this gap, offering countless ways to boost your brain and achieve your aims with headsets, pills, potions and smartphone apps. But what works?

I’ve written a new e-book ‘5 Steps To Train Your Brain’, to address this question. The title is a little controversial as, despite dozens of studies, analyses and comparisons, based on over 100 years of research, there is little consensus regarding the efficacy of specific brain training protocols. The weight of evidence suggests that the most potent cognitive performance enhancers are practically free and remarkably simple.

In each of the book’s five chapters, you can discover practical, evidence-based insights to maintain and improve your cognitive performance. In exchange for the book, I would appreciate it if you would subscribe to receive my newsletter. As soon as you subscribe, you’ll receive the e-book as a download in your welcome e-mail. Following this, you’ll start to receive an e-mail, once per week, featuring evidence-based insights designed to help you perform at your best, in a way that feels sustainable and achievable.

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